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Owing to the favourable response of past years Moosbaum has incorporated a calendar for 2018 into its assortment, too, with just more imposing subjects in equally fascinating printing quality, and new layout.

Twelf large-scale, computer-colored, microscope snapshots by Oliver Meckes & Nicole Ottawa (eye of science) provide fascinating insights into the world of detail in biological research. Oliver and Nicole are international awarded photographers from Reutlingen, Germany.

Edition 2018 is in preparation now. Designated subjects 2018 you can look at here with the end of August.

Make sure you plan/obtain the attractive Hidden Cosmos Calendar for 2018 in time. Corporate customers can have their logo or particular wishes included. If required, we will be happy to take responsibility for shipment throughout Europe and oversees!

An ideal gift for friends, colleagues, and business partners being crazy about biology!

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